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This is a calendar of hobbit events on the LOTRO Laurelin server, typically events in the Shire and hosted by hobbits. If you have events you want added to the calendar, send me a letter!

All times in the calendar are given in current London/UK time.  The LOTRO servertime (Boston/US East Coast time) is usually 5 hours behind London time. To see the servertime while in-game, just type /servertime. If you are unsure what London time is in your current time zone, you can use this time zone converter.

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The Brandy Badgers visit Winterstock @ Thorin's Gate
Jan 15 @ 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Berry new year!

Winterstock is on soon! Them even say that The Brandy Badgers have woken up from their winter slumber to go visit. Who will herd them rascally berry-eaters over there, though?

Date: Sunday January 15
Time: 7PM UK time (2PM /servertime)
Location: Landroval server, Thorin’s Gate, small lake just pond of Frerin’s Court (near Silver Deep Mine)

The annual Winterstock Music Festival is arranged by the Lonely Mountain Band. The Brandy Badgers have long taken part there, and we will do so this time too. Would some kind hobbit put out a trail of berries for us, though? Or perhaps we need to hire us some herders…

Come along, bounce and dance, and bring berries to feed the Badgers! There will also be pie, ale, and pipeweed, but do dress warmly!


Winterstock is arranged on the Landroval server over four days, Friday-Monday, at the frozen pond next to the lower-entrance to the Silver Deep Mine in Thorin’s Gate ((Ered Luin region: 14.6S, 102.2W)). The event is held in a safe, low-level zone with lots of guards, so you won’t have to level up much to attend. Just get out of the starter zone, and you can hitch a ride to Thorin’s Gate and follow the stream of folks towards the pond.

Sunday’s schedule is below, all times in /servertime (EST). For UK hours, add 5. For the full schedule, please visit the Winterstock site.

Please note: While us Grand Order hobbits on occasion visit other servers, our home is, always has been and always will be on Laurelin. So this is a rare visit for most of us to furrin lands!

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