The Laurelin hobbit calendar

This is a calendar of hobbit events on the LOTRO Laurelin server, typically events in the Shire and hosted by hobbits. If you have events you want added to the calendar, send me a letter!

All times in the calendar are given in current London/UK time.  The LOTRO servertime (Boston/US East Coast time) is usually 5 hours behind London time. To see the servertime while in-game, just type /servertime. If you are unsure what London time is in your current time zone, you can use this time zone converter.

Current times are:

  • Servertime
  • London Time

Colour categories:

  • Blue: General announcements of special interest dates (hobbit months, festival periods etc.)
  • Green: Public events, open for all hobbits
  • Red: Kin events for hobbits in the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom
Midsummer Festival 2022 @ Minas Tirith
Jun 16 – Jul 10 all-day

The Midsummer Wedding Festival! Set course for Minas Tirith and join the party!

The festival starts June 16 and ends at 3AM servertime on July 11.

For more information about the event, see Fibrojedi’s Guide.

Farmers faire 2022 @ Bywater
Aug 9 – Aug 29 all-day

The Farmers Faire event is on, and the mayor is making a mess in Bywater as usual. The festival has also been merged with the old Summer festival, so there are lots of chores to do.

Farmer’s Faire dates: Start: August 9 @10AM. End: August 30 @3AM. All times servertime,

More information about the event in FibroJedi’s guide.

Harvest festival 2022
Oct 12 – Nov 1 all-day

From FibroJedi's guide, see link below

The haunted burrow returns! LOTRO’s autumn festival is here!

Fall Festival dates. Start: October 12 @10AM. End: November 2 @3AM. All times servertime.

More information about the festival on FibroJedi’s site

Yule festival 2022
Dec 8 2022 – Jan 2 2023 all-day

FibroJedi's site, see link below

The Yule festival returns! Let’s go to Winterhome again!

Yule Festival dates: Start: December 8 @10AM. End: January 3 @3AM. All times servertime.

More information about yule at FibroJedi’s place

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