The Laurelin hobbit calendar

This is a calendar of hobbit events on the LOTRO Laurelin server, typically events in the Shire and hosted by hobbits. If you have events you want added to the calendar, send me a letter!

Finding the correct time for your location

All times in the calendar are given in current London/UK time.  The LOTRO servertime (Boston/US East Coast time) is usually 5 hours behind London time. To see the servertime while in-game, just type /servertime.

Current times are:

  • Servertime
  • London Time

If you are unsure what London time is in your current time zone, you can use this time zone converter.

Colour categories:

  • Blue: General announcements of special interest dates (hobbit months, festival periods etc.)
  • Green: Public events, open for all hobbits
  • Red: Kin events for hobbits in the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom
1 Lithe
Jun 20 all-day

First of the Lithedays, the day before the summer solstice.

Hobbit calendar

Adventure Saturday @ Songburrow
Jun 20 @ 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

The Grand Order goes on adventure! We’ll meet up and see if there are adventuring opportunities.

Date: Saturdays
Time: 7:30PM UK
Location: Meet outside the Hall

Elf camp exploration @ Stock
Jun 20 @ 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Wildigard wants to explore a camp outside Woodhall, to see if there really are elves passing through the forests. Will we understand what they say, though?

Meet at the Golden Perch in Stock at 7:30PM UK time!

Mid-years day
Jun 21 all-day

Second of the Lithedays, also summer solstice day.

Hobbit calendar

Grand Summer Picnic 2020 @ The Hill
Jun 21 @ 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Joy of joys, the summer is near! And summer means time for food and drink! Well, so does the rest of the year too, but there’s one thing summer surely brings. Picnics! Get ready for this year’s Grand Summer Picnic!

Date: Sunday June 21st
Time: 7:30PM UK/BST (2:30PM servertime)
Location: On top of The Hill overlooking the party tree in Hobbiton, where the summer pie races used to be held, Laurelin server.

We are pleased to invite all hobbits and good friends to this year’s summer party and picnic. Activities to look forward to include music, dancing, games, food and drinks, fireworks and competitions! And who knows, maybe them lazy Songburrow Strollers can be lured out to play a bit too?

The pies roll further

Lobelia’s Hill Pie Rolling Run returns! After earlier successes, we just had to arrange a follow-up! Wear fancy costumes and throw yerself into the chase of the pie, but remember – it is not always a question of finishing the race first ter win!

Why this run, though? Local legend has it that Bilbo Baggins once had a picnic with invited guests on top of The Hill. The times were good and the hobbits were jolly, until someone noticed Lobelia Sackville-Baggins walking determinedly towards the crowd. The ensuing escape was spectacular, with hobbits streaming down The Hill, making use of all possible and some impossible shortcuts.

They even say that one of the picnic pies started rolling down The Hill, not stopping until it hit The Party Tree. It was eaten soon after by the escaping hobbits, which improved their moods no end.

The legend may not be 100% correct, but it is to celebrate this occasion that we arrange Lobelia’s Hill Pie Rolling Run during the Grand Summer Picnic!

For rules, see below!


This is certainly a hobbit-preferred event, but well-mannered dwarves and good friends from taller persuasions may surely pop around too. Just don’t block the view of the locals once the concert starts!

Pie run rules

This video shows the general route of the race:

Lobelia’s Hill Pie Rolling Run

First of all, this is not a competition to be taken very seriously. It is loosely inspired by the Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake. While we will endeavour to find out who crosses the finish line first, visual confirmation of this is generally hard in LOTRO, given the latency differences between players.

Winning the race is not really the purpose, though. Basically, this is a short, adrenaline-filled event so the guests can remember local lore and build an appetite before the picnic starts in earnest. There may be some prizes involved, but most of all we want folks to have fun!

The route starts at the top of the Hill, heads down around the Party Tree below Bag End, and back to the start. All runners will likely start at once, and a fast run through the route will take approx. one minute.

We ask that the participants don’t use mounts, speed buffs/skills/items or safe fall skills (burglars). Apart from this, the route to the party tree and back to the picnic spot is your own choice. Go fast or slow based on your preferences. Set off fireworks, dress like Lobelia, stop for a drink – your choice. If you want to brave Lobelia’s garden and the steep cliffs below, be our guests! Good luck and have fun!

2 Lithe
Jun 22 all-day

Third of the Lithedays, the day after the summer solstice.

Hobbit calendar

Brandy Badgers Rehearsal @ Michel Delving
Jun 22 @ 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Rehearsal for The Brandy Badgers! New song notes are available in the usual place!

The Badgers rehearsals are public, so stop by if yer want to listen and dance a bit.

Date: Every other Monday
Time: 7:30PM UK time onwards
Location: Michel Delving, town square

Jun 23 all-day

Seventh month in the hobbit calendar.

24 June to the 23rd of July.

Hobbit calendar

Saleo’s burrow-warming @ Songburrow
Jun 24 @ 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Picture by Rowana

Master Saelo has got himself a new burrow in Songburrow, and he’d like to invite yer all over for a proper burrow-warming! Expect good-natured banter and gossip, music, food and fun! Will there be bed-bouncing too? Most likely! Will the neighbours be annoyed? Possibly the one living just downhill!

The party is expected to last 90 minutes or thereabout. Welcome

Date: Wednesday June 24
Time: 7:30PM UK time
Location: 1 Chalk Road, Songburrow, Shire Homesteads

Rootmorton afterlith hog-roast @ Rootmorton
Jun 25 @ 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Date: Thursday June 25
Time: 7:30PM UK time / 2:30PM servertime
Location: 4 Myrtle Court, Rootmorton, Shire homesteads

The Concerning Pipeweed Kinship is planning an Evening Feast to celebrate their founding in Afterlithe 1417 S.R.

The Afterlithe party is open to all the hobbits of The Shire.  Just bring yourself and a bottle of wine and join in the fun

The party will be held at 4 Myrtle Court, Rootmorton (Shire Homesteads)  Arrive at  19.30 on 25 June and feast until 21.00.  There will be a succulent hog-roast for all you pork aficionados!

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.
I hope that you will have time to call and join in with our partyThanking you,
Miss Cellirica Goldworthy

Green Dragon Friday @ Bywater
Jun 26 @ 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Green Dragon

Date: Every Friday
Time: 7:30PM UK time (usually 2:30PM servertime)
Location: Green Dragon Inn, Bywater, Laurelin server

Weekly hobbit gathering at the Green Dragon inn in Bywater, running ever since May 18 2008. This is an event for and by hobbits, although a few visiting traveling dwarves are always welcome. It is also a 100% in-character event, so don’t go talking about things not belonging in Middle Earth!

Come along for songs, dances, poetry, tales, riddles, news and much grand roleplaying! And do offer yer own entertainment, if yer like!

At other times over the year, GDF will move to other inns in the Shire. The new years party is usually held at the Plough and Stars in Brockenborings, while we always escape Bywater when the mayor hosts the Farmer’s faire in the late summer.

Event guidelines:

Green Dragon Friday is an in-character roleplaying event aiming to replicate a lively hobbit night at the inn. We try to enable a healthy lively hobbit roleplayer community here on Laurelin. To help us do this, please follow these guidelines:

Short version:

  • Be a hobbit!
  • Be in-character, talk about things belonging in Middle-Earth. That also goes for entertainment!
  • Avoid forced emotes, unnatural pets inside, spamming with emotes, etc.!
  • Take part, be active!
  • Try avoid multi-boxing!
  • Keep news and events relevant for Shire hobbits!
  • Acknowledge what others are doing, spread out if things are too busy!

Longer version:

  • While travelling dwarves are welcome to stop at the inn for a refreshing ale during their travels, we ask that elves and menfolk do not attend the event. Men and elves were rarely (if ever) seen in the Shire villages, and especially not the inns. However, if yer have quests to do at the inn, by all means come inside to finish them
  • Be in-character – be a hobbit! Keep player interactions (chats, emotes) and entertainment in-character, basically by talking about the things that hobbits in Middle-Earth would. Don’t discuss real-life modern-day things, game mechanics, etc.
  • Avoid using forced emotes, setting off fireworks inside, bringing pets that wouldn’t belong in an inn, throwing 3000 snowballs, emote spamming, etc.
  • Be active and engage with the others. It is better to participate than to just stand around waiting for others to entertain you (however, feel free to come observe things the first few times).
  • Avoid multi-boxing with lots of alts. Yes, we know that you love to pull off that fat sound of a many-musician band. However, when the room is full of similarly-clad robots marching in line (if they move at all), who don’t respond when you talk to them, things get rather creepy and the immersion we look for is often ruined.
  • Entertainers are very welcome! Just sign up with the hobbit hosting the event, preferably by a /tell. Note that we absolutely love solo bards/performers – a lone lute-player is often better suited for the inn setting than a huge band. Also note that we absolutely love other kinds of entertainment than music: Poems, stories, riddles, the latest news from the Shire… lovely! If you want to play music, it is grand if yer aim for a folksy hobbity vibe, with reels, jigs, waltzes, hornpipes and the likes.
  • Gossip and news is very welcome! This helps bring life to the event and the roleplaying in the Shire. Just remember to keep things in-character. Related to events: We generally don’t advertise events held on other servers, events not of hobbit interest, events not held in the Shire or events not of a roleplaying character.
  • The inn can sometimes be busy, especially near the entertainment fireplace. It is good if you keep this in mind when interacting with others, go into crowds to talk to someone, etc. Some examples: If someone is reciting a stirring poem from the battle of Greenfields, it is probably good to wait a bit to run up and say hello to them. If someone is regaling the crowd with an exciting tale, it can undermine the mood if you move two feet away from them and talk about things not related to the tale at all. If you’re doing a deep discussion with just one other person there, it could make sense to move away from the busiest part of the inn, for instance to the bar or another corner. This is mostly a matter of acknowledging what is going on at the inn and making an attempt of not undermining the roleplaying efforts of others.

Additionally, we ask that participants follow the roleplaying rules and policy for Laurelin, with regard to player names, chat behaviour and harassment.

Lastly, while the above may sound like a long list of rules, don’t worry too much! Them hobbits are a friendly and tolerant lot, eager to welcome new visitors to the inn. See yer there!

Questions about the event?

Contact: Lina, Grand Order of the Lost Mathom.

Adventure Saturday @ Songburrow
Jun 27 @ 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

The Grand Order goes on adventure! We’ll meet up and see if there are adventuring opportunities.

Date: Saturdays
Time: 7:30PM UK
Location: Meet outside the Hall

Summer poetry competition @ Bywater
Jun 27 @ 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM
By Jadite Bumblefoot
O the summer time has come
and the trees are sweetly blooming
and the wild mountain thyme
grows around the blooming heather.

Will ye go lassie, go? 

The sun is almost at it’s highest in the sky and ye all know what that means! Tis the time once more ter see who will become this years Summer-time Bard

Barring no other gatherings booked there, we’ll meet at the Grand stage near Bywater fer a grand night. Tis traditional fer a some topics be given, fer those taking part ter base their poems on. This year is no different, ye’ll have ter choose from the following:

Fishing, an adventure or a resident of the Shire (Either NPC or player)

Location: Methril Stage, Bywater.
When: Saturday 27th June
Time: 7:30 pm ((BST / 2:30 servertime))

Topics: fishing, an adventure or Shire resident

Prizes: Summer-Time bard title, plus anything else I can find down the sofa!

All races are welcome ter sign up fer this most grand event, and I’ll look ferward ter seeing ye all on the night. Bring a picnic ter enjoy and music will be on hand fer yer dancing pleasure.

If yer interested in taking part then drop a message  via the fast post ter meself – Jadite or me Nannie.


Missing rug mystery @ Michel Delving
Jun 28 @ 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Miss Pycella wanted to escape the eternal waitressing duties by trading a new rug to Barmy. But now, the rug has gone missing!

Remember the news about Potty’s missing tab, and how Pycella wanted to trade the missing tab for a new rug, so that she wouldn’t have to serve as waitress at the Dragon forever more? Well, the plan didn’t work as well as planned. It seems that the Quickpost managed to the deliver the new rug to Michel Delving, but then, it disappeared from the local post office. The Quickpost hobbits suspect that someone stole it. According to some initial investigations the local bounders managed to do before heading over towards the Bird and Baby, the culprit should be somewhere in Michel Delving.

Now, Miss Pycella doesn’t want to give up like this. That’s why she invites everyone to help her out and solve the Mystery of the Missing Rug. Here are the details:

Date: Sunday 28th June
Time: 7:30PM ((UK time))
Location: In front of the Post Office, Michel Delving, the Shire ((Laurelin server))

Welcome all to help a lass out of trouble!

PS. Although this hunt should be rather safe for all, the minimum belly size of 20 is recommended to enjoy it fully! Miss Pycella is bringing some large pies to consume.

OOC: This is a roleplaying event mainly for hobbits and travelling dwarves. We will stay inside Michel Delving for the whole event and solve some riddles. However, the minimum level of 20 is recommended for this event. If you have questions, please turn to Pycella, the organizer (

There have been some similar “treasure hunts” in the past. Here’s a summary of the pierate treasure hunt, if you are interested.

Hobbit market @ Michel Delving
Jun 29 @ 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

market standardBiweekly hobbit market in Michel Delving, held at the ovens and crafting area!

Time: 7:30PM UK time
Location: Michel Delving ovens and crafting area

Especially good for young hobbits setting out on their journeys in Middle Earth, since they can get quality goods fer reasonable prices. More information here!

Contact: Tibba and Nimelia, Grand Order of the Lost Mathom.

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