The Laurelin hobbit calendar

This is a calendar of hobbit events on the LOTRO Laurelin server, typically events in the Shire and hosted by hobbits. If you have events you want added to the calendar, send me a letter!

Finding the correct time for your location

All times in the calendar are given in current London/UK time.  The LOTRO servertime (Boston/US East Coast time) is usually 5 hours behind London time. To see the servertime while in-game, just type /servertime.

Current times are:

  • Servertime
  • London Time

If you are unsure what London time is in your current time zone, you can use this time zone converter.

Colour categories:

  • Blue: General announcements of special interest dates (hobbit months, festival periods etc.)
  • Green: Public events, open for all hobbits
  • Red: Kin events for hobbits in the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom
Harvest festival 2021
Oct 13 – Nov 2 all-day

From FibroJedi's guide, see link below

The haunted burrow returns! LOTRO’s autumn festival is here!

Fall Festival dates. Start: October 13 @10AM. End: November 3 @3AM. All times servertime.

More information about the festival on FibroJedi’s site

Durin’s day
Oct 15 – Oct 20 all-day

The Durin’s Day event is on! Start: October 15 @ 10AM servertime. End: October 21 @ 3AM servertime.

More information about the event.

Yule festival 2021
Dec 9 2021 – Jan 3 2022 all-day

FibroJedi's site, see link below

The Yule festival returns! Let’s go to Winterhome again!

Yule Festival dates: Start: December 9 @10AM. End: January 4 @3AM. All times servertime.

More information about yule at FibroJedi’s place

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